Who is Gorjan?

An entrepreneur and creator of AirCare.
A manager and software engineer at Booking.com.
A TED speaker and environment activist who uses technology in the fight for a cleaner earth.

Public Speaker

Did you know that Macedonia has air pollution 20 times over the EU limit?
This has been just one of the many topics I've covered on both technology and environment conferences.

Watch my TED Talk named "Data: The Pathway to a Better World"


I've created AirCare, a hugely popular app in the Balkans with over 200k users that visualizes air pollution data. With that, I fight among 3000 eco activists for the right to breathe clean air!

Read more on NASA's Blog, Forbes or The Guardian.

Software Engineer

I've been a Mozilla representative for Macedonia for 4 years, leading the local community and contribution to the project.

Now as a software engineer at Booking.com with a master's degree, I lead a team of 12 people helping you find and book your trips easier than ever!

Fullstack experinece with Flutter, PHP & JS, along with solid knowledge SQL and Android Java native apps

  • Notable Talks

    TED Talk
    "Data: The Pathway to a Better World" 2018 TED Talk - The Netherlands

    "The Data I Breath" 2017 Booking.com Conference - The Netherlands
    Pollution Protests
    "Clean Air is a Human Right" 2016 air pollution protests - Macedonia

  • Notable Projects

    Android, iOS & Web app for tracking air pollution in the Balkans 200.000+ users 10+ awards
    An online tool to pressure the Macedonian government into respecting their promises
    Volunteering Organisation Database in Macedonia 100+ registered organisations
  • Work

    Manager and Software Engineer 2016 - Present

    The Next Web
    Frontend Developer 2016

  • Education

    Master of Software Engineering
    2016 - Cum Laude University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering
    2015 - Cum Laude University Ss. Cryil and Methodius - Skopje, Macedonia

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